Wednesday, 27 November 2013

Indigenous Branded Shoes

There was a time when there were a few notable brands of shoes available in India and Bata shoes India was one of the brand names that became increasingly popular. The popularity of Bata shoes India remained on the top of the reputed and well known shoes in the country. At a time when Bata shoes India waned on the Indian horizon of the shoe manufacturing industry, there were several brand names that came up such as Liberty shoes. In the present age, while Liberty is still considered as a name to be reckoned with, there has been an inundation of leading foreign branded shoes entering the open Indian market. 

Franchising of Branded Shoes in India
The burgeoning and robust economy of the country opened wide horizons for India to become a promising market for foreign investors who offered franchise to a large number of business entrepreneurs to induct branded shoes into the country. The average Indian purchaser is offered a plethora of options to make his selections. However, the Puma shoes price in India is available between Rs. 1300/- at the cheapest price and Rs. 10000/- at the highest rate. Alternatively, Adidas shoes price is starts at Rs. 1100/- at the lowest price and touches Rs. 7000/- at its highest price. Tracer shoes price on the other hand come in at Rs. 850/- to begin with and touch an exorbitant price of Rs. 12000/- per pair of shoes. However, Nike shoes price in India are easily comparable with Adidas shoes price as they are also available at Rs. 1100/- and soar to an astronomical price of Rs. 12000/-.       
Comfort and Durability – A Significant Factor

While there are other top and selected brands available in the market, yet these branded shoes are considered to be one of the most preferred and excellent choices amongst the elite and the younger generation who have the purchasing power of buying the best branded product. In the present times, branded shoes are considered to be a style statement and a fashion accessory rather than a comfortable pair of shoes that provide a greater degree of relief to the tired feet. There is no doubt that comfort and durability of the material that goes into the manufacture of a pair of shoes is invaluable, yet there is a widespread emphasis on the purchase of designer and fashionable shoes. In fact a large number of manufacturers create shoes for clients based on their individual preferences. Yet, comfort can easily be defined as a perfect fit in both size and occasion along with the quality of the material used for producing quality branded shoes.

Thursday, 31 October 2013

ONLINE SHOES SHOPPING, a wise idea and complete fun

In this fast paced world where it is really hard to dedicate some quality time for one’s own self. In such a scenario the idea of spending a whole day for shopping can send shivers through the body. But shopping becomes indispensable when the talk is about shoes. It holds true for men and women, children or adults, young or old. Is it not? 

Online shoes shopping, the latest and cool trend

The concept of online shoes shopping is catching up pace really fast due to this lack of time phenomena that is seen on a larger scale these days. One can opt for as many pair of shoes from the good brands such as nike shoes,  metro shoes, levis shoes and provogue shoes to name a few. The range is not exhaustive and one can simply sit with his/her laptop placed on his/her lap and shop for any kind of shoes with the help of few clicks. What can be more amazing than experiencing the same enthralling shopping fun with no sweat, no acne, no body ache and no worry about the quality of the products! 

The easy tips that must be followed
a)  Check for the authenticity of the website from where one is purchasing the shoes
b)  One should carefully enter his/her credit card number while making the transactions and should reveal it only after thorough confirmation about the company and the product
c)   One should be very exact in one’s choice of design and one’s size as the product can not be physically checked
d)   Do some homework before making a purchase like the discounts available and the shipping costs charged
e)   make sure that he/she has log out of the page successfully

Trust Factor 
The branded companies such as Nike shoes, metro shoes, Levis shoes and Provogue shoes not only deliver high quality stuff in their products but also give value for the precious time of their valuable customers. One can opt for non branded shoes also with out thinking twice about the durability of these shoes as the manufacturer knows the competitive scenario and is scared to cheat the customer online. 

That is why the provision of online shoes shopping has come up and if one takes care of few safety measures while making the payments online then this shopping experience can be made absolutely safe option as well.